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    For those of you wondering what happened to the children's books on this site, please note that I have now moved to the following address:


    This is now the home of The Firestone Series. Please check out the new site where you will find information on The Firestone Crystal, my debut novel, and also the release of the sequel, The Hidden Realms of Firestone!

    I look forward to seeing you there!





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    Spirit Inspirations and Spirit Enfoldment are now available on the Kindle from the Amazon website.

    As an added bonus, SPIRIT INSPIRATIONS IS FREE ON KINDLE between Wednesday 8th August and Sunday 12th August!

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  • The Great Unknown - Denise Pilgrim

    Episode 1

    The Great Unknown

    One summer’s day, a mother sat down with her daughter to give her some news that she knew would upset her. The mother, named Grace, was very reluctant to talk to her daughter about the subject, but she knew it had to be done, to prepare her for something that was about to happen. Grace was a lady of 55 years of age and was in the prime of her life. Her daughter, named June was an only child and had lived with her mother for the 25 years of her life, without a father to share it with, as he had never been on the scene since her birth, a common factor of those times it was true, for he had shunned his fatherly responsibilities. They both lived their lives together as a loving mother and daughter, coping with life and learning from each other.

    They were both religious and would attend their church regularly, dutiful in their attendance as was required of them by the church, so as to show their commitment to God. Both were unquestionably committed. As Grace lowered herself into the chair opposite her daughter, she made eye contact with her and said, “June, I have something to tell you which you are not going to like, but you need to know”, Grace was unsmiling as she said the words and June knew from the look on her mother’s face that it was something serious. She said nothing as she waited for her mother to continue. “I’m afraid I have to go away”. June still staring at her mother asked with a frown on her brow, “Where are you going?” Her mother paused, trying to delay having to say the words but knowing that they must be said and replied with a tremble in her voice and fear in her eyes. “I’m going to The Great Unknown”………………

    To be continued………..

    Come back and visit us soon!




  • Mother’s Day - Denise Pilgrim

    Hi y’all,

    Thanks for visiting our website and I hope that you are finding it interesting and thought provoking. As a first time blogger I thought I would start by sharing something for Mother’s Day. Now I know that this day has already been and gone in the UK but it is still to come in the USA so I make only a small apology for giving you this poem at this time. I know there are a lot of you out there who no longer have your mums with you, as they have now gone from this life, and Mother’s Day will of course churn up a lot of memories for you, so I have written this poem as a tribute to all mothers everywhere. Hope you like it.

    Mother’s Day

    To mothers passed and present

    I will say to you just this

    That life hasn’t always been

    A road of ease or complete bliss.

    Its ups and downs

    A rollercoaster of every emotion

    With families large and small

    Causing a fuss and a commotion.

    At best there were those times

    When almost everything went well

    At worst they would be full of trial

    Its end you could not tell.

    But we know that when all was said and done

    You did your best

    Your strength of will and power

    Was by far the acid test.

    This Mother’s Day we pay to you

    A tribute more than earned

    In every way we thank you

    For the way that we have turned…

    Into the type of person that

    Can never now forget

    The love you gave relentlessly

    With rules that you had set.

    To teach and nurture this your child

    Who now is all grown up

    And have today fond memories

    Which I do not care to swap.

    For they are etched inside my heart

    Eternally they sing

    The glow of a mother’s love

    Is truly God’s finest blessing.



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  • Perseverance Equals Success!

    I know this has nothing to do with writing, but I have to share this as it shows what perseverance and never giving up can do!

    Check out my cousin Zippa Tafari (aka Mr Zip) in his debut performance on Britaint's Got Talent, of his catchy tune:

    'Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone?'


    We should all take a leaf out of his book and maintain that positivity that will lead us to success!

    Good for you Zippa!!



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